Important Information For International Harvester and Farmall Gasoline Fueled Tractor Owners

READ BELOW to get a FREE GAS CAP for your tractor!

Note: Because of Covid-19, we will continue to take orders, but that shipments will be delayed until further notice.

A serious fire can occur during operation of a GASOLINE fueled tractor. Under certain conditions, gasoline vapors can build up pressure in the gas tank. If the gas tank cap is then removed, while the engine is running or hot, the sudden release of pressure could force gasoline out of the tank and result in a fire. Gasoline can also escape if the gas cap is not securely tightened. Never remove a gas cap from a hot or running tractor. Always tighten the cap securely. A new style gas cap, first available in 1980, has special design features to reduce gasoline vapor build-up and fuel eruption due to improper gas cap removal. The new gas cap has two vent holes in the top of the cap and has PRESSURE - OPEN SLOWLY embossed on the top of the cap.

If your gas cap does not have TWO (2) vent holes AND does not have the words "Pressure Open Slowly" embossed on the top, then you are eligible to recieve a FREE GAS CAP.

ATTENTION: Please read before filling out the form below!

  • Fill in all the fields in order to be eligible to receive a cap.
  • Gas caps are available for United States and Canadian tractor owners only.
  • Allow 6-8 weeks for shipment of your cap.
  • This program is NOT for Diesel Tractors.
  • All tractors in this program use the same gas cap.
  • The Model information must be provided to receive a cap.
  • You will be notified if you are not eligible for a free gas cap.
  • Gas caps CANNOT be shipped to P.O. Boxes.

Due to low volume of cap requests, and high inventory, the FREE GAS CAP offer will be extended indefinitely.

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